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I love copra oil. I even have jars and jars of it sitting in my house. I exploit it for everything from skincare to cooking and everything in between.

Sometimes I desire the daddy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, who ran around spritzing people with Windex and professing its endless benefits. Instead, I’m grabbing my jar of copra oil and dabbing, rubbing, or smearing it on someone.

Ever wonder about copra oil and everyone it’s unbelievable uses? These are a number of my personal favorites – I just love #5! What’s your favorite?
Here’re just a couple of the Unbelievable Uses for copra oil

  1. Stir It Into Your Coffee

I once read that ingesting just a tablespoon of copra oil daily greatly reduces your chances of heart-related problems, reduces your chances for dementia, and an entire host of other health benefits.

Once I read that, I started scooping a teaspoon into my coffee. Anything quite a teaspoon into a mug tends to be a touch an excessive amount of for my taste, but if you’ll tolerate the whole tablespoon, be my guest.

It doesn’t transform the taste of my coffee or do anything funky with the cream I exploit. All I notice is that the oily feel on my lips, which helps to stay them moist!

  1. Smear It On Your Body

Instead of using ointment to stay your body soft and supple, try using copra oil.

After my shower, I scoop out a dollop and rub it into my damp skin then towel dry. It keeps my skin so soft, better than ANY lotion I even have ever used. I even use it on my face!

  1. Remove Eye Makeup

Store-bought eye makeup removers tend to irritate my eyes. Instead, I put a little amount of copra oil on a cotton square and sweep it over my lids, then rinse. The oil dissolved every trace of makeup and moisturized the skin around my eyes.

  1. Take The Itch Out of A Bite

It never fails, regardless of how hard I try, I still get an occasional sting. once they itch, I dab a touch of copra oil onto the spots. The oil’s innate immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties will ease the itch, reduce the redness and swelling, and speed up the healing process – all naturally.

  1. Make Your Baked Good Healthier

Did you recognize you’ll easily switch out the butter for copra oil when baking? Butter is often swapped call at a 1:1 ratio with copra oil. Since copra oil may be a saturated fat like butter, your food will remain moist and rich as was common, but with the added benefits of copra oil medium-chain fatty acids and immunity-boosting dodecanoic acid.

You can even use coconut flour and other coconut products to give your baking the boost it needs!

  1. Use It On Your Pets Sores

The summer heat and humidity can cause painful sores or “hot spots” on your dogs’ skin. To heal the sores naturally, gently rub a dollop of copra oil onto the irritated patches daily. The copra oil will naturally kill the bacteria behind the sores, soothe redness and irritation and help to stop future skin infections.

  1. Waterproof A Wood chopping board

Sometimes wood cutting boards can look dry and dingy. The solution: Wash as was common, then with a clean cloth, rub a dollop of copra oil into the wood. The oil will fill cracks and crevices within the wood, preventing any water from seeping into the board causing cracks or splits. The oil’s natural antibacterial properties will help keep the board sanitary. Repeat as often as necessary.

  1. Get the Campfire Going

Before you head bent the beach, backyard, or campgrounds for a campfire, soak a couple of cotton balls in copra oil and pack them during a jar or bag. When you’re able to start your campfire, toss a couple of cotton balls in with the kindling and lightweight. The oil-soaked cotton balls will ignite immediately and burn for about five minutes – long enough to urge the hearth to start.

  1. Make Leather Look New

I tried this trick on my leather ottoman that was 15 years old and commenced to seem its age.

To restore leather to its original finish, rub a little amount of copra oil into the leather, then buff with a soft cloth. confirm you test first in an not noticeable area.

The oil’s dodecanoic acid will break down dirt and stains while the fatty acids will condition and moisturize the leather.

Have you got any great uses for coconut oil? Let me know by leaving them within the comments section!