7 Reasons Not To Marry Him as Your Marriage Won’t Last


Good Reasons to not Marry Him regardless of what proportion you would like
Should you marry him or do you have to not? What are some good reasons to not marry him? are you able to tell if a wedding won’t last?

I’ve witnessed unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships repeatedly in my life.

My father was married twice. Divorced: twice.

My mother wasn’t luckier together with her relationships and now prefers to enjoy life as one lady.

My relationships before I met my fiance were short but not so sweet.

Love is what we all want, but somehow we find ourselves in toxic relationships and accept whatever, just to be a part of the married couples’ club – all of us miserable in our ways (as Tolstoy said once).

I guess if you’re reading a post that says “Reasons to not marry him” you already realize it probably won’t last.

I will give 7 reasons you shouldn’t marry the guy you’re with because it won’t cause you to happy and your marriage could be a failure.

7 Reasons to not Marry The Guy

  1. You Don’t Know Him

No brainer, right?

However, too many couples find themselves getting married and spend years together before realizing that they said “I do.” to a picture in their head. which image of a partner has nothing to try to to with the important person who stands by their side.

Are you sure you recognize the guy? Like, truly know him? It’s not about his favorite food and therefore the way he positions himself before falling asleep?

It’s about going to know his ideas, dreams, goals, character, deep secrets, fears… an equivalent way you would like him to urge to understand you.

Also, many couples don’t give themselves time to urge to understand one another before getting married. Young couples are driven by the honeymoon phase of the connection and make fast decisions.

Unfortunately, that always leads them to separation afterward.

  1. Believing Marriage Will make things better

Do you think that a marriage or a toddler can fix relationship problems?

Think again.

We all know that couple.

They fight such a lot that everybody around feels embarrassed to concentrate on them. Yet, they marry.

Or maybe you recognize a few that isn’t happy. they need a toddler, and in desperation to form things work, they opt-in for an additional one. Of course, things will never end well. a toddler should be a product of affection, not glue to carry you together.

Taking subsequent steps during a relationship simply because you hope to repair things is one of the simplest ways to form it even worse.

  1. Accepting belongings you Shouldn’t

I know you are doing it.

We all roll in the hay at some point.

My ex-boyfriend had alcohol issues. He wont to get drunk every weekend, and couldn’t skip each day without a couple of sips. He was hiding in another room to possess a couple of beers without telling me. Unfortunately, he was even drinking before work.

And I accepted that behavior. I assumed it’s something I will be able to either change or accept. None of that happened.

However, the lesson I learned is that we aren’t entitled to vary the opposite. we should always never roll in the hay. We could only accept and love them as they’re.

Accepting your future spouse as he’s shouldn’t be in contradiction together with your own beliefs and values. If something bothers you (a lot) and you recognize change isn’t getting to come, the simplest thing you’ll do is allow that person to satisfy someone who will accept him that way.

And none of that creates you a nasty person. It causes you to confident that there I somebody else for you too.

  1. Facing equivalent Problems Over and once again

How many times are getting to argue about equivalent old things?

One of the foremost obvious reasons to not marry him is that the inability to unravel problems very early within the relationship.

I know a few who’ve been married for over 30 years. When lecturing the woman within the relationship, she said that one among the foremost obvious signs a relationship isn’t getting to grow into a successful marriage is that if both people struggle staying together from the very beginning.

Why would you’ve got problems from the very first year? That’s the honeymoon year! now’s the time to explore, love, and luxuriate in one another.

However, many couples start their relationship by solving issues between them. If there’s enough passion, they manage to unravel them for a short time. A month or two later, they end during a similar situation. After a year of problems beginning from every corner of the house, both are wont to have them and think that’s the way it’s. So, they plan to “keep fighting for happiness” and typically marry.


That’s not the thanks to roll in the hay.

Problems will come. But starting your life together by solving problems isn’t an honest beginning of a successful marriage, and it’s an honest reason to not marry him.

  1. Reasons to not Marry Him – you can’t Reconnect

You’ve been together for a short time now. He proposed. You said yes. You saved the date…

That was a while ago.

Now, that date is coming soon, but you two are slowly drifting apart. you can’t seem to seek out how to attach.

The worst part is that nothing’s wrong. Everything is going just fine, no major problems, nobody is cheating; life goes because it should.

But you two aren’t close anymore. It just doesn’t happen. you reside within the same house but have separate lives.

How long does one thing you ought to be like that? I’d say each day. then, it becomes weird. Then it’s dull. within the end, you get won’t do it and believe it’s normal.

It’s not.

A very good reason to not marry him is that if you can’t rekindle your relationship for an extended time. The emotions of the new marriage will hold you smiling together for a couple of weeks. Then life hits you again, and unless you’re strongly connected, life also will separate you.

Living with a stranger isn’t your dream now, is it?

  1. Ignoring Each Other’s Needs

It doesn’t matter if it’s the necessity for extra sleep on Sunday morning, the necessity for a hug at the top of a stressful day, or the necessity for help around the house.

When a person ignores you and your needs, when he does it intentionally and believes you’re just spoiled, you want to run.

Need a reason to not marry him? That’s an enormous one.

Ignoring You, ignoring your values, your desires, your fears, your dreams, your self-care, and wellbeing… that’s a person you want to run far away from asap.

Don’t misunderstand me.

He isn’t entitled to understand every little thing you would like, but he’s entitled to concentrate on what you say (hey, vice versa).

Never stick with a person who ignored you in any way.

  1. Believing He Can Change

Yes, he can.

He will change.

You will change it too.

Both of you’ll undergo that change slowly and doubtless won’t even notice when you’ve adjusted to the incorrect behavior.

But that doesn’t mean the change should be forced and expected.

If you hope after the marriage he will change a particular unwanted behavior, re-evaluate.

What if he expects an equivalent from you?

Don’t marry the guy if you aren’t willing to measure with him, just the way he’s, for the subsequent 50 years.

Chances are, the items you accept are going to be annoying at some point. If it’s the way he places his socks all around the room, that’s fine, I promise. you would possibly mention that he shouldn’t roll in the hay a couple of times, but it isn’t a life-changing situation.

However, the way he treats you is.

He won’t be nicer, more committed, and more gentle after the marriage.

So don’t marry him unless you’re willing to simply accept him even as he’s, today.

Conclusion on Reasons to not Marry Him
Marriage isn’t a happy ending for everybody.

It’s the happy beginning for several couples, and you would like to be one among them.

To make marriage work though, you’ll both need to contribute. Marry the person who wants to try to do his part f the work.

Don’t marry him because it’s time to urge married.d

Don’t marry him because he’s the sole option you’ve got around and you dream of being a wife.

Don’t marry him unless you’re truly crazy, respected, treated right, and happy.