Clare Crawley Is Devastated And Blindsided Over Broken Engagement With Dale Moss


Bachelorette Clare Crawley only recently left the show arm-in-arm together with her dream man, Dale Moss. The couple appeared to be deeply crazy just after meeting! Clare even made the bold decision, one “as we’ve never seen before,” opting to bounce from the truth show and start an engagement with Dale after just a fortnight.

Now it looks like Clare’s hopes and dreams have all come crashing down. This week, Dale took to social media to share that the couple had decided to travel their separate ways. it had been a “joint statement” Clare seemed completely blindsided by — one she hadn’t signed off on. What’s worse is that it also looks like she was still holding out hope for his or her relationship.

Outwardly, it seemed like the couple had been settling into the real world once the cameras were off. they often shared their journey on Instagram, including meeting one another’s families, vacationing, and bopping around one another’s hometowns. Social media never shows us the entire picture.

Now the drama is heating up. It started when Dale dropped a press release on Instagram, confirming that the couple had gone their separate ways. “I wanted to share with you all that Clare and that I have decided to travel our separate ways. We appreciate the love and support we’ve received from numerous people, but this is often the healthiest decision for both folks at this point,” he shared.

“We strongly believe leading amorously and always remaining faithful oneself – something our families have taught and instilled in us throughout our lives. We only hope the simplest things for each other .”

That was shocking enough for fans who thought the pair was in it for the end of the day. Then Clare broke her silence. Her statement made it clear that she and Dale weren’t on an equivalent page about the breakup which, perhaps, she was still pretty invested within the relationship.

“I was made conscious of a ‘mutual statement’ at an equivalent time you all were, so I’ve needed a while to digest this,” she began. “The truth is, I’m crushed.”

It’s not hard to know why she is crushed. For starters, she was so incredibly hopeful about love, bravely followed her heart, and felt certain she’d picked the proper guy. Dale seemed completely committed and like he shared Clare’s dreams of getting married and having kids — and so on!

Now sources are saying that Dale was never really ready for all of these things to start with, which is an enraging yet all-too-familiar story that ladies of a particular age are uninterested in seeing play out. Women who are upfront and clear about what they need deserve men who aren’t wishy-washy about what they need. and ladies who are 39 and super able to calm down deserve blatant honesty. I mean, she had a slew of men to settle on from! But Dale said he was in it. He got down on one knee and proposed … only to go away her heart broken a couple of short months later.

Of course, there have now been some cheating rumors swirling around Dale, to rub salt in Clare’s wounds. Nothing substantial has bubbled up, but if there’s any validity to the rumors, that’s getting to be even more crushing for Clare. She’s tough and can pick herself a copy. But it isn’t easy to urge your heart broken so brutally, especially when you’re ready for something real.

Regardless of what happens next, Clare isn’t within the best place at the instant. A source told folks that she’s struggling to wrap her head around the whole breakup. “Clare feels blindsided by the split,” the source said. “She genuinely thought they might make things work and after everything she’s been through, she can’t believe she’s during this place again.”

The insider added, “It’s been extremely painful and emotional.”

Hopefully, Clare will pick herself a copy soon. we haven’t any doubt that she is going to. She’s been through tons, and while she’s probably burned out on having her heartbroken, all her pain has made her stronger. Perhaps this painful experience will even lead her to a far better place — or a far better man.

As gorgeous, tough, and impressive as she is, she won’t have trouble finding potential suitors. But quite likely, she is going to have her eyes peeled for red flags. By the looks of things, she’s already being pursued. Bachelorette contestant Spencer Robertson already asked her out for coffee in his Instagram stories, just hours after Dale announced the split.

Too soon? Or a sweet gesture? That’s for Clare to make a decision. For now, we hope she’s taking the time she must heal her heart. But if there’s one thing we all know about Clare, she’ll always remain hopeful about finding love.